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Einel Gury

Is a professional circus performer, specializes in aerial, acrobalance and modern clowning.

For the past 10 years Einel has performed all around the world in a wide rang of productions, from traditional circus and variety shows, to contemporary and indoor shows, as  well as street theater.


Jeremie ravon

An artistic and technical designer, creator and stage performer.

Practices and performs circus in the fields of acrobalance and vertical rope.

A rich experience in building and mechanic development for stage arts.

Has been working in collaboration with deferent artists in sculpturing 'nature art' in several exhibitions around the world.


Working Together

The 'juicy Lucy circus show' is a collaboration of 2 artist  from 2 deferent cultural and artistic backgrounds, coming together in order to create a new show that  immerges from fusion of the artistic and technical elements on stage.

In their research they were using building materials such as pulley system, aluminum, car trolley, and other industrial figures, combining them with aerial and floor acrobatics, clowning, physical theater, puppets and more, creating a new special theatrical experience.

The two are working together since 2007 performing with their unique show, inviting the public to join them on a new story and to discover together new and unknown limits.


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